From self-conscious to self-confident - we've been creating Confident Communicators for over 22 years!
Learning to communicate confidently is a life-enhancing skill that can be learnt at any stage
As one of the first Communication Skills institutes in the UAE we’ve had the privilege of helping thousands of students enhance their communication skills.
Our students have secured between 92% - 97% results in the Trinity College of London Examinations, year on year.
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Confident Communication is excited to announce Online Communication Classes, from 2020 in preparation for the Trinity College London Speech & Drama (Age group: 6 to 10) and Communication Skills graded examinations (Age group: 11 to 16)

Valuable support from parents and students over the last two decades has helped us reinvent and adapt to offer a powerful digital platform for our young communicators. 


I was just 7 years old when I joined Confident Communication. I had been a very shy child and was reluctant to join, as the idea of standing in front of large crowds terrified me. And now after 7 years, I am no longer that terrified 7 year old who couldn't hold a conversation or who felt like running away when asked to speak in front of an audience. I take part in more inter-school activities. I have undoubtedly become a better speaker."

- Sasini H. Wickramaratne

Confident Communication Student

"Being a part of the perfectly blended work-play environment that defines Confident Communication, brought out a side of me that I never knew existed. A side that was confident and able to speak out. Confident Communication, to me, was all about making friends, having fun and at the same time developing one of the most important skills required in today's world. I can safely say that Confident Communication experience is one that I will always cherish and one that has moulded me into the individual I am today."


Senior Student

"My son is having an amazing journey in learning and enjoying communicating better. Being an autistic child, he has opened up and now much more confident then when we first started. Sherwin- thank you so much for helping Craig out and making it more than just teaching, it’s about caring for a student that makes them achieve higher!!!"

-Craig Sequeira

Parent of Craig

Confident Communication has helped me develop into a confidential and articulate speaker. I am able to express my thoughts clearly according to my teachers and now come across as a leader, and an achiever. My years at Confident Communication have truly enhanced my public speaking skills and now I actively participate in debates and elocution competitions.

-Jasmine Ahluwalia


"Wonderful to see CC adapting to digital means of delivering classes! Getting to and from class will no longer be a barrier - hopefully more students can use this online opportunity to develop their public speaking and communication skills in the comfort of their homes.

- Rumali Kularatne


"Ten years ago I wouldn't dare to give a talk in front of an audience. Today I can give speeches at assembly in school and on social occasions. Confident Communication has undoubtedly helped me to break out of my shell and now communication has become a passion for me. Not only have I learnt effective communication techniques but I have also learnt the importance of being a good communicator. This has helped me to advance from the small shy girl I was to becoming head-girl of my school. The art of communication is indeed the language of leadership!

- Rashmi Samararatne


Confident Communication Online classes have come as a blessing in disguise during Covid-19. Switching on to online classes talks of your thorough professionalism which of course is your hallmark. My son, Pranav Reddy enjoys his sessions which is a sure sign of your expertise. The limited strength of the class is an added asset to captures the individual child’s strengths and weaknesses. It is highly rewarding to see the gradual development in my son’s vocabulary and way of expression. We are pleased to see how the well-versed trainer engages the kids and enables them to participate in various, diversified activities.


Parent of Pranav Reddy

"Rishidathan absolutely enjoyed today's session. Thanks to you, he even learnt the words. My son's personality is such that unless he connects with the teacher, he will not invest much effort. Thank you for starting to make a much needed difference. I'm so happy to see him this engaged! Thank you CC!

Sheetal Prasanth


What I learned at CC with Mrs. Gomes shaped me to be the University graduate and professional I am today. These lessons still inform the way I interact with people in my everyday life. Would highly recommend Confident Communication for personal development. Wishing the current team all the best!

Rumali Kularatne

A Proud CC alumni

7 years back, when I joined Confident Communication, I couldn’t have foreseen the dramatic effect this institute would have on my personality. CC helped unveil perhaps my greatest asset now – self-belief. The belief that I could achieve anything – is certainly a driving factor in my current endeavours and was an outcome of my experience at CC. Through meticulous training provided by affectionate and professional trainers the experience at Confident Communication was very fulfilling. Even in times as testing as now, CC strives to ensure that we continue the journey of learning through on-line classes. Thank you CC!

-Kailas Satheesh Kumar


"Rishidathan absolutely enjoyed today's session. Thanks to you, he even learnt the words. My son's personality is such that unless he connects with the teacher, he will not invest much effort. Thank you for starting to make a much needed difference. I'm so happy to see him this engaged!

Sheetal Prasanth

Parent of Rishidathan

Mrs. Gomes, Mrs. Christine and Mrs. Jordanna, your motivating words and constant encouragement have made me what I am and who I am. A thank you from the bottom of my heart is all I can say.

Keniru Alwis


“Quiet power, transformational wisdom, authentic presence and a life-changing message” If these are the qualities you are looking to acquire and deliver using communication, then Confident Communication is your answer. If ever there is an institution which walks its talk and speaks from the heart, speaks with authority it is CC. After learning the communication tools here, you’ll never be the same. Genuine trainers, awesome learning atmosphere and a systematic approach had made CC an exciting place for a student like me. The 21st Century generation is a better and richer place the communication lessons you so willingly share in everything you say or do.

Tanisha Prabhu

communication-skills Nathan Gomes

From a shy introvert with untapped potential, Confident Communication catapulted our son to be elected the Head Boy in Grade 5 at Kindergarten Starters, Dubai; that was just the beginning. And as he completed all the Grades at Confident Communication attaining Distinctions throughout, he was elected Prefects and House Captains, actively participated in Debates and held Ceremonies at Delhi Private School, Sharjah till Grade 10 and St. Mary's Catholic School, Dubai from Grades 10 to 13. Our son now faces the world confidently on his own at Carleton University, Ottawa in his pursuit of his degree in Engineering Physics. We, as parents owe our son’s academic achievements to the tremendous boost he received at Confident Communication.

Nathan Gomes

Xavier Gomes - Parent of Nathan Gomes, ex-student of CC,

Who We Are

As a premier Communication Skills institute, we have trained thousands of students over 22 years, and are now offering ONLINE classes for students.  Founded by a passionate teacher of Drama & English language, we have grown to a team of highly-skilled dedicated trainers. Building confidence through communication skills training is something we wish to gift every child and young adult. The curriculum we follow is one of the best, providing all-round personality development through better communication.

What We Do

We train students for the Speech & Drama and Communication Skills  graded exams, offered by Trinity College London, arguably one of the most renowned vocational boards.
These are held at different levels, from beginner to professional. Our courses are designed to encourage children and teenagers to develop their communication ability, interpersonal skills and ultimately their confidence.
Through a variety of high-impact techniques, Confident Communication helps your child develop expertise in public speaking, elocution, drama, debating and presentation skills as well as leadership and problem-solving..

Why Us

  • 100% pass rate and high Merits and Distinctions in the last 20 years
  • World Topper Awards
  • Use of High-Impact Communication techniques

  • Qualified Faculty. 

  • Many of our students have gone on to secure leadership positions in high school, college and in their careers.


Our Trainers

Our certified trainers have several years of experience working with children, teenagers and young adults.

 They are equipped to bring in interaction & high-energy, in online training sessions, and mould each student individually as well as in a group.


Our Students

Over the last 22 years we have trained thousands of students across all age groups. It has been an honour and privilege to groom them through the years & see them excel.

Their appreciation has inspired us to refine our offerings & course content.


Our Courses

Our courses are carefully deigned to provide the entire gamut of skill sets that go into personality development and confidence building, our courses have equipped students with the necessary skills to compete, excel and stand out from among the rest. 

Our Founder

Juwel Gomes founded Confident Communication in 1999 and  remains at the helm of the institution, ensuring hundreds of students grow into efficient communicators.

She was an O’Level English and Drama teacher at St. Mary’s Catholic High School Dubai, where she directed several notable musical productions such as “Joseph and his Technicolor Dreamcoat”, “Beauty and the Beast”, “Oliver” and “Mama Mia.”

Mrs Gomes has an M.Ed. and B.A. in English with Honors from Kolkata University. Besides having a passion for communication, she enjoys reading and experimenting with different cuisines. 

Her vision has always been to build a next generation empowered with a powerful tool set of self-belief, empathy, leadership and confidence.


Our Core Values

We provide a fun, vibrant and interactive environment, with highly-qualified, certified trainers

Staying committed to excellence in the communication space has been at the core of our philosophy for over 22 years.


Our Philosophy

Confidence is built by learning to function in groups which are supportive and collaborative rather than competitive. Our students learn in groups as well as on an individual level.

We help students progress through various stages, building on their learnings & honing their skills. 


Our Methodology

We start with students aged 6+, teaching them to express themselves through elocution, public speaking, mime and drama. 

As they progresses through the grades, we enhance their communication repertoire with persuasive speaking, role play, presentation and debating.

Connect with us

Would you like to know more about our trainers, courses, teaching methodology and certifications before you decide to gift your child (or yourself ) one of our life-enhancing courses ? 

Drop us a message!