International Women’s Day at Confident Communication 

International Women’s Day 2022 was celebrated through the first week of March with immense gusto by all at Confident Communication.

It was all hands on deck with the purpose of bringing to the fore the theme of ‘Gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow’ as set out by the UN this year. Students and trainers alike came together to show their support for the cause and their thoughts on why gender equality is important for the world we live in.

Using the power of social media, past and present students, trainers, and friends of Confident Communication shared short clips with brief messages to show their support for the cause. Across age groups, the speakers talked about how they had experienced gender bias in their lives and why this needed to change.

In gratitude of the women who’ve been an integral part of our journey

Rina Barreto, a Confident Communication parent, eloquently shared her experience of being told that, “…the kitchen is not for the boys, but you (as a girl) need to know how to cook.”

Our young stars came together too, and asked pertinent questions like, “Why can’t boys play with dolls?”, and “Why don’t we have more female pilots?” In a most innocent and heartfelt way, they made an attempt at urging people to “change your mind-set and to think differently.” 

In a passionate plea challenging gender inequality, one of our senior students called on all of us to ‘Break the Bias’ and bridge the gender gap by speaking up when we notice discrimination. “Let us use our talents to create a stronger awareness of gender equality” she said.

Justina’s emotive recitation of
Still I Rise

Student groups, led beautifully by their trainers, even presented a list of suggestions to help guide people towards a world of no discrimination and bias.

Our Trainer Nishi Walavalkar

A star pupil, Keyon reminded everyone that, “Cooking has no gender bias and is not just a woman’s job. I plan to learn all about cooking!” He, among others his age, was able to truly show how young voices can and will lead the way to a brighter and better world. 

One of the most beautiful things that the team at Confident Communication did this Women’s Day, was take a moment to look back at all the wonderful and remarkable women who have been a part of Confident Communication right from the very beginning. 🙂

It was truly wonderful to see how far each of them has travelled after spending time with Confident Communication.

It was interesting for the young current students to get to know them as well. From Deputy College Heads to Financial Analysts, Legal Officers and highly trained teachers, the students of Confident Communication have grown into fascinating young women who have the world at their fingertips.

Their insights on gender bias and discrimination were invaluable to our present students who got to catch a glimpse of things out there in the ‘real world’. 

Finally the students put together a video collage which highlighted all the things they thought would describe an empowered woman. To see that qualities like strength, resilience, competence, ambition and grace made the list only further proves that if this is the way young people are thinking about women right now, the world is truly in safe and secure hands for the future.

This celebration started many years ago as a way to honour the struggle for women’s empowerment. It has now turned into a day that calls for deep reflection. It is not only a time to reflect on how far we have come and what we have managed to achieve, but also a time to pay attention to how far we have yet to go.

So, best wishes and strength to all on International Women’s Day from the Confident Communications team!

See you next year! 🙂

Artcile written by Wendy Burby